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Word weighing apparatus in huangpu district to participate in the international consumer rights day promotion consulting activities

For carrying out the party's 19 big spirit, promote consumer rights protection work thorough development, create a harmonious consumption environment safety, on the morning of March 15, guangzhou huangpu district government and organization of guangzhou development zone management committee in her post wanda plaza the theme of "quality consumption, better life" consumer rights day publicity consultation, accept citizens advice and complaints at the scene.

Functions of the activities on the same day, participants answer patiently crowd consulting, popular consumer rights protection laws and regulations, for the true and false goods, to fake and inferior commodities from the production process, product quality, color contrast, and other details one by one, the church to identify the site. On site hosted the 2018 prize correct consumer rights protection knowledge, attracted many people.

One of the most brilliant or word weighing apparatus on the electronic scale in knowledge. Consumers in the meat market selling vegetables at ordinary times, check whether the conspicuous position with electronic balance should be paid attention to compulsory verification qualified marks. Consumers can bring their own portable standard scale, or to the market fair balance set point weighing confirmation in a timely manner. In word weighing apparatus to commerce, industry and introduces the quality supervision department, independent research and development of new anti-cheating intelligent electronic scale, the electronic scale once damaged open the scale body sealing or replace chip, changes in procedures, the metering performance failure, can only be repaired by authorized personnel. The electronic scale also can print receipts, convenient measuring complaint handling and consumer rights.

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