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  •  guangzhou and Internet + wisdom vegetable market
 guangzhou and Internet + wisdom vegetable market
Customer name: guangzhou and Internet + wisdom vegetable market
Customer is introduced: guangzhou zhuhai is currently the only a + Internet market wisdom
Description: as a main Internet + wisdom again, all of the concept of the market for electronic scale put forward higher request, zte weighing apparatus factory according to market demand, provides professional intelligent roots scale, weighing apparatus in the solution - plate and uniform distribution. Based on intelligent electronic weighing, reliable data collection, easy payment transaction, tracing the source label printing and other functions of integration. Real for shaft take money to change the time, at the same time avoid the received fake money, dirty, bad money. Specification of market also implements the operation management, issue the membership card is to retain the customers and realize the function of pool. As long as chuai on a cell phone can at a farmers' market to buy the ingredients needed for three meals a day. The qr code on the receipts by scan to know the source of the product as soon as possible, let the citizens to buy the rest assured, eat at ease.


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